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Monday, 09 December 2013

There has been numerous questions about the FF2 Chief's Aides position. Many are still wondering what happened to those previously assigned and now soon to be refilled with permanent FF2s. Let me back up a bit. In August 2009, a Captain w/ the MFD was transferred from  Training Section back into the field. That issue led to a prohibitive practice complaint from HFFA to the MFD on behalf of that Captain being re-assigned without requesting to  (You can find that information on the HFFA website under the Maui Fire Line) One of those letters closed with "an injury to one is an injury to all"

In February 2010, a mandatory meeting was held at HFD headquarters regarding the FF2 Chief's Aide position. What came out of that was no HFFA representation, though requested, and eventually led to re-assignment of those FF2s to other positions in the HFD. All the while those positions were being filled with TA still continuing today. No prohibitive practice complaint was filed even though those FF2s did not request to be re-assigned also. (Like the MFD situation) What came out of that was one FF2 losing his job, and now, ironically, those positions will finally be filled w/ permanent FF2s. Not refilled, filled. Those positions were never taken away as individuals filled those slots through TA. Promotional opportunities frozen for almost 4 yrs? Hmmm...

So in hindsight, can we as members say these two incidents were consistent in how it was handled? There is a lot of truth to the statement, "an injury to one is an injury to all". On Maui a PPC was filed for one individual. On Oahu, none was filed and a FF2 lost his job. How does that statement fit? Just a thought about advocating for all members with issues of merit.

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Saturday, 30 November 2013
Team PONO invites you to check out the latest video message by Ocean Kaowili as he shares his thoughts about the concept of Education!
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Friday, 29 November 2013

Aloha! I am writing to express my sincere hope that, if elected, Team Pono will work productively with the administrations of our respective departments to further efforts to implement appropriate health and fitness standards for our personnel. The public we serve rightly expects us all to be fit and healthy enough to serve them effectively. In fact, perhaps the most common comment I get from members of the public--apart from sincere gratitude--is "you guys have to stay in shape, right?" I am often embarrassed to tell them that we do not have any fitness standards once we pass recruit class. This is such a violation of common sense--and of the public's trust in us. Further, it strikes me as an obvious fact that each administration has a right--in fact an obligation--to ensure that each of us is fit and healthy enough to do our jobs safely and effectively. Yet for all its talk about promoting firefighter safety, it seems to me that the union has been more of a stumbling block to effecting real standards, as if members dying heart attacks on duty is acceptable as long as nobody was put on a 40-hour schedule or made to follow a fitness regimen. Please take us in a new direction with respect to this issue. After all, ensuring firefighter health and fitness is in EVERYONE'S best interests: the public we are sworn to serve, the administrations we work under, and--perhaps most importantly--each and every one of us. With real cooperation from both parties, we can help move forward with this important initiative WHILE AT THE SAME TIME ensuring that ALL members--from the most fit to those who have let themselves go a bit--are treated fairly, with respect, and with the support of our administrations and membership to get themselves more healthy and fit so they can perform better, be SAFER, and enjoy for a long time the benefits this union has fought to secure for us in retirement. Thanks for listening, and for your commitment to further the legitimate ends of our union!

I, like yourself, have long noticed the poor conditioning of some of our brother fire fighters. I too am concerned for their safety as well as the potential problems we face if a medical emergency occurred during an incident. I have witnessed perfectly healthy FF's going down at brush fires due to dehydration and over exertion. These events tax our manpower resources at the scene and cause stress to the crew whose member is injured.

Now comes the tough part. How do we implement a program that encourages us to be healthier?
The issue with allowing the employer to "require" the members to stay in shape, is tenuous to say the least. The problem as it sits is, if we allow the employer to set guidelines or rules, they usually come with consequences. The union cannot allow the employer the ability to punish members based on physical appearance or ability. We all know guys that may look out of shape, yet they run circles around the rest of us. There is no true way to "judge" or set a criteria. 
The idea of implementing a physical fitness program is a great one. The trick is figuring a way to do it that won't become a threat to the members ability to maintain their status as eligible for duty. I think that many of our union members have great ideas, they just have not had the proper forum to bring these ideas to the table. I hope that will change this election. I think there needs to be a lot of thought and discussion on this matter by as many members as possible, for a good solution to this matter. If you have an idea, I would love to hear it. You may have the solution that works.
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Aloha kakou!!,

We would like to wish all of you the Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and your ohana, here and there, near and far. It is with the spirit of Aloha we take the time to appreciate one another and be ever grateful for those who have shared with us and for us to share in return. It is also a time to reflect on those that have since left us and be ever mindful of their contributions that has shaped us into who we are today. We wish those a safe journey home from wherever it may be, and those a safe trip to their destinations and back from visiting loved ones. Have Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and Happy Holiday Season...

Aloha nui!!!


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